Kenosha Furniture Store Review for Penny Mustard

Penny Mustard Testimonial 7 - 16 - 12

We had already had the distinct pleasure of working with your furniture salesperson Michelle Campbell earlier this year in our search to have a new King size bed made to match our 20-year-old oak collection ... she was amazing in showing us a couple of different designs and then pretty much customizing our bed per our request ... the workmanship is superb and the new mattress set heavenly!

When it came time for our newly graduated daughter to find herself a bed for her first apartment, we started making the rounds of the discount stores ... but wait! I recalled noting that you folks advertised a clearance 'center' and called customer service. Somewhat embarrassed, I left a message with my daughter's budget amount and promptly received a very nice phone call back saying they were pretty sure they could find something for Kelly.

When we met Emily at the clearance center, we were immediately taken by her professional and helpful manner-our daughter had such a blast touring through the warehouse with Emily and made a marvelous purchase of a great mattress and box spring set within her budget! We were so taken by Emily's knowledge and helpful manner, that my husband and I returned a week later to find a new guest mattress set. Once again, we scored with great success.

Beyond the savings, it is people like Michelle and Emily who leave a lasting impression-they make you feel like the most important customer in the world and that no question is too silly! I can quite honestly say that your employees make it pretty much impossible for us to look elsewhere in the future for any other furniture items. (In fact, my husband only wishes we had discovered you sooner!) Rest assured, we enjoy telling our friends of our great experiences with all of the folks at Penny Mustard, including those who answer the phones, direct our inquiries and the young men with a sense of humor at the warehouse! Thanks to each and every one of you, Linda, Carey and Kelly, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Chicago Furniture Store Review from a Furniture Repair Technician

Penny Mustard Testimonial 8 - 31 - 11


My name is Michael Maybach and I am a furniture repair technician in the Chicago-land area. My email is a bit unusual as I am writing to both of you to express what a pleasure I have had to work on one of your pieces recently.

I had a customer or yours in Chicago that had a moving claim. The movers moved the customers' bedroom set which consisted of pieces from your Chardonnay collection done in a black finish with the edges rubbed to expose the wood underneath (maple I believe). The movers had gouged the top rail of the foot-board and also had scraped one of the side rails. I was the person that went out to do the repair.

Gentlemen, I have repaired furniture for various retailers around Chicago and Milwaukee, from low to high end. I have repaired various pieces done in a similar black finish. Every time I have had to repair a piece finished this way the black was sanded through while using a fine grit sandpaper because the finish itself is very thin. Imagine my surprise and pleasure as I sanded quite a bit on the repairs for the Chardonnay and did not sand through the black to the bare wood. Most times the repairs on this type of finish are such a pain because of the finish being so thin the repair ends up going from a small repair to a larger one. I did not break through the black, and actually I do not think I sanded through the clear-coat either.

It was such a surprise to see a quality finish on some fine furniture for a change.

I have often heard about your company from customers that I have serviced through the years and I must say I never have heard anything negative. On a whim I had a service cancellation one afternoon and I stopped at your Downers Grove location to see the furniture for myself (this was several months back and you were still operating as PM Bedroom Gallery). I was greeted promptly at the store by Cathy Segraves. I explained to her that I repair furniture for various retailers and I am often asked about different stores and their quality so I wanted to come in and see Penny Mustards' merchandise for myself. Cathy was gracious enough to spend over an hour with me, answering any question that I had with authority and knowledge that is quite refreshing. Not once did she say she didn't know or would have to check with a manager or anything along those lines.

As a small business owner I like to be informed and be able to speak with some authority when a customer asks whom do I feel has the best furniture in the area. Usually this is when I am inspecting something from another retailer and the customer is lamenting about the terrible quality and ridiculous price. Without hesitation I recommend that the customer stop by Penny Mustard. I explain to them the quality that I have experienced with regards to build, and now I am able to tell the customer that I am impressed with the finishes as well. You gentlemen may want to stress the finishes in an upcoming commercial (the elephant one is a good one too). Not only is the new furniture from many of your competitors being made out of softer woods but the customer doesn't realize that the new dining or kitchen table they just received may only have 1-2 coats of finish and that is all that is protecting the wood. The customer is doubly impressed with my recommendation when I tell them that I am not affiliated with Penny Mustard in any way. I simply tell them that I was trained to repair furniture the proper way, and I have grown tired over the years of seeing the degradation of today's furniture and finishes, especially at the price points today's furniture is being sold at. I explain that I would not want to be taken advantage of and I don't want a customer to be taken advantage of as well, and I remain an independent contractor to this day so I can offer a client an honest assessment of furniture retailers and manufacturers. Thank you for reading this and I wish you both much success in the future. I will continue to recommend Penny Mustard to everyone I come across in my repair travels.


Michael Maybach

Renaissance Furniture Services, L.L.C.

Chicagoland Furniture Store

Penny Mustard located in Downers Grove, Naperville, Lincolnshire and Hoffman Estates, Illinois is your number one choice for solid, well-built furniture in and around Chicagoland. Sofas, chairs, recliners, lamps, and occasional furniture are all available inside your local Penny Mustard showroom to create a living room that fits your every need. When looking to create your dream sanctuary; beds, bunkbeds, mattress sets, storage drawers, and nightstands are all there for your bedroom as well. Additionally, entertainment stands, dining room tables and chairs, desks, gun cabinets, curio cabinets and so much more can be found inside to cover all categories of your home furnishing needs.

The furniture found inside of a local Penny Mustard showroom is handcrafted by Amish, Mennonites, and other small builders predominantly located in Wisconsin and Minnesota. Everything is built to perfection! You choose the fabric, lumber, stain choice, and even your hardware. So get out and make Penny Mustard your number one stop for quality home furniture purchases.

Expanded Furniture Selection!

Have you been wondering what is going on at Penny Mustard in Milwaukee and Chicago? Penny Mustard is adding more furniture categories to the stores that you have come to know and trust. New categories you can expect are Living Room Furniture, Home Office Furniture, Dining Room Furniture and Occasional Furniture. This means you can now find Tables, Chairs, Stools, Buffets and Hutches, Sofas, End Tables, Coffee Tables, Desks, Gun Cabinets, Curio Cabinets and more inside of your local Penny Mustard showrooms.

As all of you know solid well-built American made products have always been the focus at Penny Mustard and now you can find that in the Living Room category all the way to the Occasional Table category. Stop into a showroom near you in Greenfield, WI; Brookfield, WI; Menomonee Falls, WI; Naperville, IL; Downers Grove, IL; Lincolnshire, IL or Hoffman Estates, IL to see first hand the new products.

Penny Mustard features a large selection of quality living room, bedroom, dining room, home office, and entertainment furniture as well as mattresses, home decor and accessories. Penny Mustard has a store location in Greendale, WI. Penny Mustard serves the surrounding areas of Greendale, WI. If you're looking for the perfect furniture to suit your needs as well as your lifestyle, stop by Penny Mustard in Greendale, WI today!